Artist’s Personal Biography

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.” – Steve Jobs

I was 16 when I knew I would be pursuing a career as a professional artist.

Raised in a very conservative Apartheid-era family at the time, not everyone was as enthusiastic about my career choice. I have worked long and hard to pursue my dream. Coming to the USA was a major step upwards for me and opened art professional art industry opportunities for me that I could hardly dream of back in South Africa.

In 2000 I obtained my BA Visual Art degree at the University of Pretoria, an Ivy-league equivalent University in South Africa, with distinctions in Art History, Philosophy and Practical Focus.

I was fortunate in that I have had the privilege throughout my career so far to rub shoulders with famous artists and successful industry leaders. The message I have always received and came to believe in myself is that success is not possible without passion, perseverance and innovation. Artists who “make it”, are not always the most brilliant ones, but they are usually the ones who don’t give up too quickly. They stick with problems longer and they go the extra mile to achieve artistic excellence as much as possible, no matter the medium or genre. Great artists are usually great opportunists. Great artists are usually also great pursuers of excellence, consistency and taking calculated risks.

The serious artist’s struggle is mostly to get their work out there, in front of the right audience. Somewhere in the world you will find art collectors who will love your work and buy your art, because it resonates with artistic power to them in a specific way. The question then becomes how to put one’s work in front of the right art buyers, art collectors and art critics.

Since completing my studies, I have consistently exhibited work in many fine art galleries, art shows and art exhibitions and have worked for many high profile clients internationally. I have won numerous (even national and international) awards for my paintings and murals, both in South Africa and California. My greatly varied works, including large scale murals, conceptual art pieces, drawings and paintings (both in oils and acrylics) are featured in private and corporate collections globally. I did not originally intend to become an international level artist. But since my career took off in the USA, this has become my main pursuit: to live and work for my dream as a professional fine artist, muralist and faux painter.

My art work has now been featured on Food Network’s Reality Show “Sugar Dome” on Food Network and HGTV for which I created a visual environment in edible paint as a Hollywood Scenic Artist. The producers called me the new “it-girl” in scenic art and though my team did not win the overall contest, the judges voted me Best Muralist on the show.

Since I have only been (full-time) perusing my career in the USA for only a few years now, I am pleasantly surprised at the level of success I have already achieved within both the fine art and the interior design industries. My hope is to land more high-end clients and high profile art projects within cross-industry genres, accessing the spheres of architectural design, interior design and a variety of high and commercial art genres.

My intention is to keep pursuing success as an artist and I would eventually like to also complete a Master’s Degree in Fine Art in the USA.